Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Dudleys!

It's April of 2009 and I can hardly believe as i stare at the calendar on my desk that my son will be 4 years old in less than a month! John-Mark is such an amazing little guy....he continues to amaze me every day with all he knows and how much he grows! Our little girl Bailee is not far behind him, at 2 1/2 she can already spell her name, (HER FULL NAME) her brothers name and mommy...Its an amazing feeling to be so loved! I can assure you that you will never know love like that of a child! We have all been through so much this past year...The hurricane we lost our house to, the birth and hospital stay and adoption-placement of our 2nd son Owen, and many of our own personal struggles. God has really tested us, and we struggle daily to get through it all. Amongst all the struggle though, God has shown real light on us and given us a reason for why the things that happen to us, do. One of the biggest blessings of last year was meeting Kim and Troy Tucker...I will forever hold them highly in my heart! I may only be 21, but I have gone through much more than a typical person my age...some of the things I thought I could never get over, but I have and I continue to grow strong and learn more and more about myself every day. I am a strong woman...I'm a hard worker and a very dedicated mother- no need will ever be too far out of reach if it is for that of my children. I started this blog for the kids; although I love scrap booking and will continue to do so- I wanted a sure fire way for the them to have lasting memories of myself and Travis and their childhood which is so quickly passing by and to show all the wonderful people we have in our life and the support that we gain from them. I hope to keep everyone up to date with our crazy lives, and all that the kids have been up to, we love you all...Please enjoy!

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