Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This past weekend I was introduced to something new... Stamping!! OMG... I've found my new passion! I've always been a big scrapbooker... i love taking photos of the kids and and doing fun things with them in these scrapbook that have turned into gigantic books of memories for them to have for years and years to come. But, the whole idea of stamping seemed a little outdated to me, and sadly to say I was quite the skeptic about going to the party. After realizing I could use some much needed me time, I went along with it. Once I got to Diane's house I knew I was in for something amazing...All the tables were setup with crafting tools, stamps, card stock and ribbons- not to mention tons of tasty treats too! =0)

We met our "stamp leader" Penny and she began to tell us about all the different techniques with stamping and how far its come in recent years. I had no idea what you could do with some decorative inks and a little rubber stamp!

She set out 3 different card and gave us an example of how to create all three... they were beautiful! Every corner was neatly cut, every word PERFECTLY straight and every ribbon and bow perfectly tied and laced... As soon as she finished her demo, she let us loose with our own creative touch we each crafted the cards as we saw it in our eyes...some were exact replicas, some were far out complete total opposites and other simply changed a step here or there to make it their own. Its amazing how many different things a group of 10 women can make with all the same tools at hand, just their own unique gifts applied.

I was so lost in the moment- I loved every minute of it and ended up spending several hours there perfecting my cards!! By the end of the show I knew this was deffinatly something I was very interested in, I signed up for Penny's camp and now once a month Ill attend an all day class at her home where she will show us how to create 7- yes SEVEN different cards and scrapbook pages each month. I can't wait!!

Here are 2 of the actual cards we did!!!

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