Friday, May 29, 2009


So, Mamaw (Travis' grandma)was in town this week and the kids went on a little "adventure" to Space Center Houston! (And have been telling me about it every day since this trip!) The saw big "space things with arms", "rockets bigger than papa's house" and played on a "commuter" aka computers! They really had a ball and always do when Papa can take a few days off here and there! The kids so enjoy hanging out over at Granny and Papas house and all the neat trips they take with them while mommy's at work! Thanks guys for everything ....including the AMAZING "lights up n' the no lights" shirt...John-Mark was thoroughly impressed!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day weekend and, Mommy Daughter day at the lake!

So, this past weekend was memorial day weekend, and while eventful in it's self...I had been planning to take Bailee to the "lake" for mother daughter photos for quite some time and I wasn't going to let a little stomach bug stand in my way!! (Of course I wasn't going to let my allergy swollen, runny nosed face be in these pictures either!!) She was so good, and has so much fun watching the fish swim in the lake, walking along the "big girl bridge" and playing by the rocks. She is getting so big and more beautiful every day! I plan on going back sometime soon and taking more candid shots with her and big brother too! John-Mark is feeling much better now, despite a rather bruised and achy hiney from a dog bite (thank you aunt makeup for letting my child be mauled by that "beast" lol aka a tiny Schnauzer). We swam with Aunt Haley at popo and momo's house, ate bbq'd brisket and had a great time! hank you everyone for making our holiday much better than it started off!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Every day is a struggle...
I believe that whole heartily and anyone that says otherwise doesn't have a wife/husband to come home to, a child or children to love and take care of, a job they are responsible for or answer to a single soul on this earth in one way or another. Struggles are what make us stronger- what show us right from wrong, good from bad and love from lust. Anything made never worth what it may seem.
Life is a struggle...
Every day we are struggling to survive- struggling to reach for that alarm button and snooze for the final and fifth time that morning...struggling to get ready, dress your kids, send them to school all without miss placing a lunch or forgetting today was picture day or saying I love you before you speed of to your job. A trial to make your month end quota, outshine that peer striving for the same promotion as you- the one you know could "make your life so much easier".
Love, is a struggle...
One of the first an most important things anyone can teach you about love, is that its a struggle. Whether its to love your best friend unconditionally, your children as they disrupt Sunday service with screams of "he did it!, NO she did it!?!", your husband as he works late into the night, coming home with out even a hello or goodnight marching his worn tired body into bed after the shower he's spent more time with that week than you. Love is forever a struggle....but if it wasn't- would you want it? Would you work so hard and put in so much just for- like?
Health is a struggle...
If you just sit for a moment one day, and realize all that goes into you just being able to do one solitary thing- you will then realize your faith in God. Running, and playing, walking, sitting, eating, kissing, hugging- so many struggle and fight for their lives everyday, in one way or another. Your heart struggles to beat blood to your entire body as you stretch its limits, testing it to its very core-when others...don't have a heartbeat at all. Life is so fragile and yet so many take it for vantage. There are so many wonderful people in this world, with loving hearts and helping hands who die, who's love ones parish from the incautious mind of a drunk drive, who's children never had a fighting chance to survive their "high risk" pregnancies, or their traumatic births. Health and life, should never be taken lightly.
Appreciation is a struggle...
Being happy with what you have, finding joy in the end of every day that brings new beginning to the next, is a struggle. Saying thank you when it's needed, sending cards that you know can brighten a day or even a moment. Holding hands and falling in love, the miracle birth and lives of your children- whether through your body or another, your beauty inside and out, even when we have bad days we should try to find a way to appreciate the fact that we can feel that emotion...that as bad as it may seem at that very moment, there is always potential that life could be so much better, and yet so much worse as well.
Faith is a struggle...
To believe in God, you could say is easy...but to have faith in God will try your very soul. I don't believe anyone can truly appreciate or love God unconditionally with words from a book or songs from a hymn. Love and faith come hand in hand- to love something, you have to have a personal connection. An experience that makes your eyes open and your heart wonder...but, everyday God gives you that opportunity. He shows you greed, he shows you hate and war and sorrow and then...he shows light, and hope, and life, breathing, and growing...he opens your eyes to new and amazing things that only he can provide for you. YOU are alive because of HIM...because of his struggle, his sacrifice....his appreciation for the human race...

So, in the end....whats not worth a little struggle??

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday John-Mark!!

Today (well really May was just the party!) is my son's 4th birthday!! Happy birthday big boy, Mommy and Daddy love you SO SO much and can't believe how much you've grown! I hope you remember in later years, how much you loved your party the gifts and spending time with all the special family and friends that came! We rented a HUGE water slide, had pools and games and tons of yummy treats for everyone to snack on- it turned out to be quite the event (even if the jumper showed up an hour late ;-) ...hey, we roll with the punches around here!)

BIG thanks to Granny for being the glorified photog. and Popo for helping with the bbq. It's always good to have so much support from family during these events, anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to throw a good get together anytime we can, so its great to know we have so many people here to support us! Can't wait to get together with everyone again! Hope you all enjoy the photos!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Happy mothers day to all the moms!!!
This year mothers day was pretty relaxing, which is exactly what I needed after the week we had.... My grandpa passed away on 05/05/09 at the age of 90 years old! Even thought I know he had a long and wonderful life, it still stings that he couldn't get to know the kids better and really see what wonderful treasures they are. My dad. his dad, and my son are all spitting images of him...We will miss him terriably but know that he is in a better place with our wonderful creator waiting until we can all join him again!

The kids made me beautiful cards at school, with little bags they glued paper flowers to and put "mommy flower pots" inside...they were so excited for me to open them up and help me to plant the seed and continue to wather them with me daily hoping for something to grow! They also made a really sweet hand print cut out card with the "10 things they wanted to tell mommy on mothers day" written inside, incredibly sweet and I couldn't thank my mother in law enough for helping them out with that project!!! It is something I will always treasure!

Along with everything else, John-Mark turned 4 this past Sunday, YES mothers day!! I still can't believe he is 4 years old now...its crazy how fast he has grown up and how funny and smart he is... is defiantly know as the family "haggler" he is constantly trying to bargain his way into getting extra run time, building blocks, or to get out of doing a chore!! Some of the things he says on a daily basis make me smile for days when thinking back on them.

We're going to be having his birthday party this coming sunday at the house- I've ordered a moon walk water slide, small splash pools, setup the air hockey and dome climber and are going to let the kids run wild for a few hours! Im going to take lots of pictures and try and get them up here as soon as I can! This weekend is jam packed with tons of activites, dinners, party planning and moving but Im looking forward to it all!