Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy Busy

July has always proven to be a busy month for us- Travis is usually working some long crazy hours, the kids are shuffled around from place to place trying to find new and creative ways to beat the summer heat and somehow it seems we are ALWAYS the hottest month of the year-RUDE!?!

YES YES we are moving- and as sad as we are because we love our house, it is just another chapter in our life that we must move on from! You know, you never really fully anticipate how many things accumulate over time in a 4bdrm house over the course of a year until your forced to shove every last item into random taped boxes only to hope that they will end up in the same shape once they've arrived at their new destination. We wont have to worry too much about the actual move until July 29th when we close on the house, but even that seems right around the corner!

The kids and I have gotten a small/affordable apartment somewhat in our current location to try and keep the routine as routine as possible. I haven't actually lived in an apartment since I was about 18, so I'm somewhat saddened by the idea of shared walls with complete strangers, and of course...2nd floors! Even the idea of it makes me shutter a little, but like everything else- this is just a small step into the direction of the bigger picture! I know and believe with all my heart that God will lead me through this- that even in the worst situations if you place your heart in Gods hands he will never lead you through something you cannot get through, no matter if the outcome may be good or bad.

This past weekend was 4th of July, and the kids were staying with Travis- to help ease my mind a little and keep me going I went on a much needed break from reality with some of my amazing friends! We camped from Friday-Sunday, floating the river Saturday, exploring old town Gruene, tanning, EATING (lol) and just enjoying each others company. I missed the kids terribly, but we all needed this break to help clear our heads and give the kids some much needed time with their Daddy! Travis kept the kids plenty occupied and loving every minute! They saw Ice Age III, ate ice cream sandwiches, BBQ'd with Papa, went to the zoo with Momo and Aunt Haley, rode bikes around the patio in the backyard, went on a toy hunt at wal-mart, and even had time to visit with Mamame and Pop!!

All in all we are doing well...we have our health, or faith, and our children- for now, that it more than enough. xoxo

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