Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today is only Thursday July 30, 2009- just 2 1/2 short weeks after my latest blog yet I'm busting at the seams with all the events of the last 2 weeks alone. Last weekend (07/15-07/19) started off just about as any other real weekend does, the kids were worn out from the week and ready to rest and run wild for 2-3 days before getting back to the hustle and bustle of the school week. I noticed Thursday night that B had a little fever, 100.3 I think it was- high enough to want to give her Tylenol, but not concerning enough to race to the phone calling the Dr. The next day B's temp came and went in cycles- she would get a high fever and we'd give her the meds and she was fine- then 6-8 hrs later it would be back. On and on all day this was the pattern, so I gave her the last does of Tylenol that night after a cool bath and sent her on to bed. She woke-up Saturday a.m. in high spirits- she was bouncing around the house meowing and rubbing up against my legs while I made them breakfast in the kitchen. (Just to clarify- YES I am speaking about my 2 1/2 yr old daughter Bailee in this blog- NOT some sort of cat or kitten. She's just going through a rather strange phase where everything she encounters is being rubbed on her face. Do I understand it?..No, but I accept it.) Any who, she was absolutely fine from what I could see and was not complaining of any pain. We had made plans early in the week to go out and visit with our good friends Ashley and Jeff and their two BEAUTIFUL kids Kaden and Kaylie for the day in Sealy after stopping off at the outlet mall for a little shoe window shopping. With Bailee seemingly feeling better, we headed off without missing a beat. She did wonderfully at the mall- John-Mark and her both roamed freely from store to store without knocking things down or opening candies on the shelves...just behaving well and giving their opinions on anything and everything we would pickup. On the way out, we stopped at Bass Pro Shop and let them see the gigantic fish tank. Thinking it would be fun for the kids, my poor friend RJ held them up and put them inside the dome viewing tank (basically its just like at the zoo- there is a big plastic-like bubble that you can stand in and it seems as though you are in the fish tank) both JM and B began thrashing around violently- they were terrified that the fish would, as JM put it "suck all their air out of their noses and lick them." It was not going as smoothly as planned, so we packed the kids into the car and headed out to Sealy. When we got there the kids were elated, two kids their size to play with, a room FULL of new exciting toys and tons of land to roam on!

We ate lunch inside then let the kids go for rides on the wagon, eat popsicles, play gardener/lawn man as they blew leaves off the drive and, ahem over water what at the time were living/beautiful flowers and just get crazy. About half way through the day B began to complain she was tired- I felt her head and noticed she was burning up...I cooled her down with a cold bath, gave her some Motrin and put he r to bed. She stayed asleep for about 2-3 hrs and then awoke still warm- we continued the regime of Tylenol/Motrin every 4-6hrs until finally we left Sealy about 10 p.m. that night. (Not after a huge ordeal getting the car started, having to buy jumper cables in a town that shuts down at 6 p.m. and then ultimately having to buy a new car battery for 100$ later that weekend, but hey that's another story)

Sunday morning we woke up with a new light- got dressed, ate breakfast then lazed around the house. B was feeling bad as I could tell and really just laid around the house like a limp noodle. I began to worry and decided later that day that I had to do something- so i took her in to the local ER urgent care room down the street from our house. She hates Dr's offices and even more being in places that are new and scary to her. We waited what seemed to be a life time for the Dr to call us back and then sat alone in a Charlotte's web themed room waiting to be seen.... (this actually worked as amusement for sometime while we waited). About an hr later, the Dr came in did some tests took her diagnostics and deemed she had STREP what a disaster that was!?!?!

Needless to say it was an eventful week and now just 1 short week later I have yet another child with Strep...thanks Dr's for not just giving me the meds up front to cover both of them...o well- o0o0 and BTW for any other uninformed parents out there- strep is VERY EXPENSIVE =0(

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