Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin patch and pony rides!

John-Mark on "bullet"

PLEASE note my son's face here... :-) I was
just waiting for the "Mommy...what is she doing!?!" haha

A true ropin' cowboy

Aunt Jessi and B

Running to go see the calf's

Mommy and B right before her 1st big ride

B in the chicken coop (notice mommy could NOT go in there!)

B standing in the petting zoo

B picking out her "magic #3" pumpkin

B and the newest member of the farm. "Minnie"

Mommy and B in the pumpkin patch

B is 3!

J-M sayin' "all righhttt" ha

They love each other! :-)

J-M 4yrs , B 3yrs
Fall 09'

Cheesin' by the fall festival table

Mommy and B strolling through the farm

Happy birthday baby girl, Mommy loves you! xx

Taking his baby sis for a walk to the "Haunted woods!"

Thank you all who came out! John-Mark, Bailee and myself all really enjoyed your company!! Big thanks to Kat and Ms.Aletia for taking such amazing photos of the kids and animals for us, it was such a blessing! I know it wasn't the biggest party, or the most organized event...but it was one that my daughter will never forget! Thank you all!
xx Krystina

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