Sunday, October 4, 2009


Can it really be October, already?? I feel like it was just the start of a new "year" least school wise! Now I feel like Thanksgiving is creeping up and soon Christmas will be right at our door!!

This year has been F-A-S-T to say the least...but maybe that's not such a bad thing? My little girl is 3 now...3!?! Can you believe it? We had her party this past Saturday at Halter, Inc. A pumpkin patch/ranch type place close to our old house. The kids LOVED it of course, and thankfully we didn't get any rain! Ill have tons of pics to post soon, but since I broke my camera at Owens 1st birthday (Yes, its really-seriously been nearly 4 months and I still refuse to spend the money on getting another camera, even though I'm nearly dieing without one!) so, I'm a little dependant on others to capture those moments...and download them...ha. O well, all in good time.

My big grandma hasn't been doing well lately, and sadly last Thursday was admitted into the hospital with not a very good outcome- my mom rushed out Friday a.m. on the earliest flight she could to be with her- I haven't gotten to talk to her since she's been gone but I'm hoping shes getting as much out of the visit as she can.

Death is so hard, but it almost seems as though God gives you a silver lining through the practice of funerals or memorials....Not only are you celebrating the life of the one you love/lost, but it also brings together so many families and friends that you might not other wise get to visit with. Every time one life is lost, another is gained- so instead of asking God "Why her, why now??" I try to focus instead on what a great deed my love one did...what a selfless internal sacrifice they made to create new life.

Halloween is coming up, and I promised the kids we would go look at costumes sometime this week to decide what they want to be. The weather has been SO GROSS lately, that I'm really hoping it cools off before then, otherwise our options will be limited to anything netted, with shorts, or breathable fabrics! I remember B's 1st Halloween, she was only 21days old and the weather was miserable!! John-Mark was Batman, and B a ballerina =0) mosquito's were very abundant, and we pushed our heavy double stroller covered in mosquito netting, house to house to house until JM was satisfied. LOL, I would really not be thrilled with another year like that!!

Hopefully Ill be able to stay more on top of the blog, I have a laptop now (a old one...but perfect for what I need it for!) and the Internet at my apartment, so I should have no excuses now!

Love you all!

p.s. "Happy Birthday Daddy!!" xoxo, JM and B

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