Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today was my 23rd birthday- I never expected it to ever go nearly as wonderfully as it did! Phillip has finals this week, so his schedule didn't really leave much time for celebrating, but he was not going to let that stop him for helping me have a memorable birthday!

Birthday festivities started Tuesday with a lunch/mall shopping-spree date with Mia to find the perfect, summer/birthday dinner dresses for our double-up that night. I found a strapless coral colored, sheath dress at XXI and FELL IN LOVE. The color was beautiful and I knew I had the prefect shoes- a hot pair or leopard print pumps!!
After work I rushed home, shower and changed and P picked me up to meet Chooch and Mia at BJ's for dinner. Dinner was DELISH and the company and conversations were the perfect mix! ;-) After dinner we did a little shopping then went home to tuck the kids into bed- a lovely night all in all.

LOL.. okay, just to clarify since it looks like I'm attacking him- he was trying to take pictures with food hanging out of his mouth which is a huge pet peeve of mine!!

For my "Actual" birthday, I woke up a little late to multiple calls from family wishing me Happy Birthday. I rushed to get ready and headed off to work- when I got into work, this is what I saw -->

It was so lovely- tons of love and gifts from my boss and co-woker, and even ended up getting 24$ pinned to my dress (started off rather odd, considering I was just walking through the plant to get Ice and a random print worker pinned the 1st one to me). LOL but, I digress!

THENNNN ( I Know, I'm spoiled), after work I met up with Jordyn and visited her new home which is stunning and still in the remodeling phases and then she took me and the kids out to dinner at Sakura (one of my favorites!!). When I got home, I was exhausted, sweaty and grose from the humid Texas air, and just ready to bathe and get in bed! I took a quick bath, and then P and I played "Iron Man Operation" and Dart shooters with B and JM. After we tucked them in for the night, and settled down our selves P gave me my gifts. I was COMPLETELY caught off guard since I though that Dinner the previous night was my gift!! He gave me a lovely card, P is so good about that- you can always tell he must of really spent time finding each one he gives you because they are so meaningful and relate so much to your true life at that moment. I do give him greif though, since he picks such lovely cards usually the only "Added bonus" you get from him is a signature and a few xxx's. I read my card, opened the inside and read the simple "to my Bbay, Love Phil xxxx Happy Birthday" the card was so beautiful it didnt even matter, I looked up at him with a smile and saw his coy look- he grabbed the card and peeled back a secreat 2nd page to the inside where he wrote a LONG lovely letter to me. I burst into tears and could barely read it all- I was so impressed, and felt so loved!!! We hugged and kissed and I went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth- when I came out this was on my bed-->

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was so excited- P and I have been looking at these for a long time- It's not that I wear "a lot" of makeup, but I am so insanely anal about being organized. He even took the time to line each drawer inside with that rubber matting you see inside kitchen drawers?...That was if there were ever a spill I could easily take it out and clean it- was a thoughtful thing to do! When I opened it to get a better look, there were TWO more surprises inside!!!

Burberry Brit is one of my all time favorite scents and I've never actually owned any myself! I love it, and he remembered how much I've said I loved it in the past. The 2nd is a watch from Michael Kors I have been wanting SO SO badly- It's so elegant, but can be worn with anything! I love it, and it was actually not in the box, i lied a it was a beautiful necklace/earring set I showed him a few weeks ago- very pretty gold with dangling blue stones, it was lovely but after discussing it he knew I wanted the watch more and just didn't have the time to do so before I opened everything. I love this man- he spoils me with all he can, adores me, AND my kids, and makes me feel so worthy!

This has been the best birthday ever....23, who would'a thought!?


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