Friday, May 21, 2010


So0o...this is defiantly where I'd like to be tonight...

I absolutely LOVE the drive-in movies! My dad used to take us when we were kids, and he lived in Ak. It was SO fun, and I have such fond memories of it! He would load us all up in his duly truck bring tons of blankets/pillows/jackets and we would hope to get there early enough to have a good spot! Then while he would unload and setup the speakers up we would go with Joanne to get loads of popcorn, hot dogs, hot tamales, jumbo pickles and everything else we could convince her we needed!! :-)

And tonight, P is letting me I wanna sit in planted seats, in an overly cooled movie tavern that yes, does serve the best strawberry margaritas ever but is still not quite the experience you get at the drive-in? OR, tuff the weather and let P sweat to death at the drive-in?? Hmmmm... haha. We shall see!!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!

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