Monday, June 28, 2010

Far-r-r too long!

So this past month has wooshheedd by, and as usual I'm left standing here wondering just what the heck I did with these last 30 days!! Goodness, it really flys by- and I feel like such an old woman saying that, but truly it does!

This past weekend we got to go to Orange, Tx to visit with sweet Baby O and the Tuckers. We always have such an amazing time there, they really have to be some of the most amazing people I have ever met! O is growing and G-R-O-W-I-N-G-G and looking more and more like JM and B every day! It's so wonderful to get to be so involved with him and see how much he changes every time we visit! I think my resolution for next year will be to try and take more trips to see him, even if only for the day! I have lots of pic's to post from his party and of his BABY GOAT- yes, baby goat, Billy he got for his birthday...never thought I would think a baby goat was adorable, but you'll have to see the pics! That little guy was adorable and had the cutest "Voice" (?) I guess is how you would say that!? Haha

This coming weekend is July 4th and so P and I are off to our 2nd annual River trip! Im really thrilled to go and spend time roughing it with good friends, but I also know how much I'll miss the little people! :) Then, once we get back we just have one short week before we move into our great big new apt! Im so excited, and so very ready to not only be on the 1st floor (Thank Jesus) but also to start over fresh for a new year, in a new place for the kids! Ill have to post pictures once we are all moved in!

For now, I'm slaving away at work, stomach gargling for lunch (Ummm hello its 11:30, that's LATE for me!) and counting down the days for these next few exciting weeks!!

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