Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye Ms.Roberston, Hello Mrs.Basham!

Wow...one week in and already JM is in for a world of change! I got a call from the Principal of Copeland today informing me that JM's sweet, kind teacher Ms.Robertson would be leaving to teach at another school in the district due to higher numbers of schoolers than expected! I was devastated, I remember this happening to me once in 4th grade and it really just stunk!!

When JM got home today, I let him know the situation and tried to ease him into the realization that as of tomorrow his class will change, his teacher will change and unfortunately so will some if not most of his classmates! He took it really well, and even said they got to go visit with her today and learn some about her class! Tomorrow is the day of the "big move" so I guess we will see then what all the hype is about! Tonight is Open House and we will actually get to meet her tonight too which may help him adjust!

I've signed up to volunteer reading to the class on my Friday's off and doing other odd end projects for her as she needs. I wish I could be as involved as my mom was, when I was younger but unfortunately my schedule interfere some. :) I have a feeling I'll be blinking my eyes and it will be Christmas already and then wake up the next day to summer vacation!! P and I are hoping to take the kids somewhere big this year, maybe even to Cali to visit my family (which I know my grandparents would LOVE). Until then its save-save-saveee and plan-plan-plannn. 2 things I'm pretty good at, maybe we could take a cruise instead!? ;0)

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