Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I feel like I sat down to write this/a post 100x's since September 1st, and here it is October 12th!!! geezeee...anyways, a lot has gone on since August, and the beginning of school- John-Mark's first school fundraiser, Copeland spirit shop and tumbling classes, field trips to the Aquarium for Columbus day (So lucky!) and so on!

September was PACKED with tons of fun, from Jess's birthday dinner at Johnny C's to Sarah's sweet 16 and Haleys fun party at home- our family is one gigantic birthday fiesta during the month of September! Here are some pics my beautifully talented friend Amanda G. did of my little sis and her friends before the party- she is an AMAZING photographer and by the grace of god* I found a break in her busy schedule to sneak in some family photo time of my own coming up in November (I can't WAIT).
Stunning, aren't they?
John-Mark has been one VERY lucky kindergartner- almost every Friday since the first week of school he has had lunch dates with Granny or myself!! He loves Friday's lunch days, and you can always tell how much he looks forward to them each week! Here are a couple pics from when Granny brought Bailee to surprise brother at school (she loves her bubba!).

This past Friday, I read to John-Mark's class, and wow, what an experience! I don't know if I could have the...errr...courage* to try and corral 18 5 year old every day {{Wheweeeey}}, but I did love watching them pay such close attention to my every word wondering what could possibly happen next in my story! I read about five different books in between "we love your hair Mrs.Krys" and "Are you in school too Mrs. Krys" and then it happened- Clifford the BIG (apparently scary) red dog barged into the class and scared the every loving day lights out of the kids. lol I know that shouldn't be funny, but the things the kids said should of been taped!! One girl grabbed her friend and screamed "That's just like the scary rat at Chuck E. Cheeseeeee" lol I can't wait to have the opportunity to do that again soon!!

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