Thursday, October 14, 2010

25cent cokes and popcorn Thursday

How is any sane woman supposed to be on a "15lb challenge" with free popcorn and cheap cokes??? uggghhh, this week has not been easy- I've been tempted at every corner and sadly am not passing very many temptations up {{oops}}. But, I am trying...and I feel better, even if the scale is lieing to me ;-).
And then there's work...good ol' RRD- wouldn't be so bad if I could teleport back in time to the days before corporate take over aka take a job that once was 3 steps and turn it into a 8 pages-of-steps short, its exhausting! I do love my job, don't get me wrong, I really do. I have EXCELLENT management, a few good friendships gained, and seemly room to grow. [[not to mention a all so fabulous office in know, just in case ;-) ]]

In all RRD has been a blessing- but more and more these days I see people moaning and droning around the office and there's just not that good ol spirit anymore- which I really miss! P and I were watching an episode of "The Office" the other night ((Pretty much a ritual in our nightly routine))
and there was a part where their shooting a commercial for their plant and trying to come up with ideas, and one guy says "when people hear I work for Dunder Mifflin they assume we seel mufflers....or muffins" Maybe it's just funnier to me because I feel so much like I can relate- but instead of getting calls about yummy muffins or broke down cars I'm instead getting calls asking for an appointment with their Gyno. or to pick up an Rx for their "painful itching"...seriously, we get some V-E-R-Y interesting people calling on a daily basis up here!!

Tonight I have a vendor bowling night- I'm actually really excited- it's for one of our top vendors and were all really good friends! I haven't seriously bowled since I was about 10, and the only other time I've been since I sent the ball hurdling backwards towards P not one time, not twice but THREE times... sorry babe...promise it was a total mistake!

So, yea...not exactly the best bowler out there- but their will be good food, good drinks (yea) and great company which makes these all worth going to! I'm hoping it's not too too late of a night though, since I do have work still in the a.m.

Today was B's school pics- I can't wait to see how they turned out!! I even decided to do one of both kids, because its been ages since the last set were done! I put her in the most ADORABLE baby blue and white striped polo dress (a STEAL for only 4$ at Once-Upon-A-Child) <-- Seriously if you have kids, you have GOT to go there... it's insane not to at least TRY.

Well, guess that is all for now- back to the grind!!!

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  1. 15lb challenge would be impossible for me with free popcorn and cheap cokes!!