Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday John-Mark!!

Today (well really May was just the party!) is my son's 4th birthday!! Happy birthday big boy, Mommy and Daddy love you SO SO much and can't believe how much you've grown! I hope you remember in later years, how much you loved your party the gifts and spending time with all the special family and friends that came! We rented a HUGE water slide, had pools and games and tons of yummy treats for everyone to snack on- it turned out to be quite the event (even if the jumper showed up an hour late ;-) ...hey, we roll with the punches around here!)

BIG thanks to Granny for being the glorified photog. and Popo for helping with the bbq. It's always good to have so much support from family during these events, anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to throw a good get together anytime we can, so its great to know we have so many people here to support us! Can't wait to get together with everyone again! Hope you all enjoy the photos!!

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