Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day weekend and, Mommy Daughter day at the lake!

So, this past weekend was memorial day weekend, and while eventful in it's self...I had been planning to take Bailee to the "lake" for mother daughter photos for quite some time and I wasn't going to let a little stomach bug stand in my way!! (Of course I wasn't going to let my allergy swollen, runny nosed face be in these pictures either!!) She was so good, and has so much fun watching the fish swim in the lake, walking along the "big girl bridge" and playing by the rocks. She is getting so big and more beautiful every day! I plan on going back sometime soon and taking more candid shots with her and big brother too! John-Mark is feeling much better now, despite a rather bruised and achy hiney from a dog bite (thank you aunt makeup for letting my child be mauled by that "beast" lol aka a tiny Schnauzer). We swam with Aunt Haley at popo and momo's house, ate bbq'd brisket and had a great time! hank you everyone for making our holiday much better than it started off!

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