Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little bit too busy to say im busy

Good morning!!!
This past month has been a complete whirlwind! Packing, moving, settling...its all so surreal. There are days when I still drive home to the old house- put my car in park and hear the kids say "mommy- we don't live at this big house no more!?!" Sad that Im getting directions on where my residence is from a 4 yr old!! So needless to say im dazed, I have good days and bad days- im human...therefor i air to make mistakes- right? Atleast I try to keep in good spirits, i actually like my tiny little apartment...I have wonderful neighbors, good parking, a beautiful pool and park for the kids, all in all i still have many blessings to count.
Ive began starting my days with a red bull- i know, i know not the best choice but its what helps to give me that kick out of bed and jump start my day. Even Bob (the boss man) has noticed a change in me- a numbness of sorts so Im trying my hardest to shake it. Going through all of this makes you appreciate everything so much more, appreciate the fact that I am 22 years old, that my kids are still young and learning, that i do have such a strong family and supportive sisters and praise god that I have a good STABLE job...but losing your family..its never easy.
So today- today im going to start my new life. Im going to focus on my kids more, make my new mistakes, sew my new oats- whatever it takes to make me feel like im a me again.
Thankfully, i have the most supportive friends- Jenny, Meg, Jordyn, Kristi, Jess- gosh i cant imagine what i would be doing right now without them in my life- these ladies have helped me through so much, carried me when i fell, held my hand when i was scared-i owe it to myself...to them to become a better me.

Today's a new day- and today, im going to seize it!

OK- is this not the cutest face ever??? This guy seriously has stolen my heart for the past 4 years!!!

On another note- the Houston Zoo is M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E during the dead of summer...thanks
for that "fun filled trip" Jenn ;o)

(Me and B at the Zooba-Zoo)

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