Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

What a year this has started off as! So far 2010 has proven to start to shed some light on a very dark 2009! I am so thankful for all our friends, family, and important people in my life that have continued to show myself and the kids unconditional love! You all are what keep me going every day! :}
Easter was a BLAST, the kids enjoyed numerous egg hunts, playing in the park, church service as well as about 4 different Easter meals! All in all everyone enjoyed them selves, and spent the days in good conversation, laughter and outright fun!
Not to mention, we had ourselves a new Easter guest this year...can you guess who?? ;o}
Racing to find the most eggs at Pop's house!

B putting "bunny ears" on the front! (silly goose)

B and JM trying not to peek at where Phil was hiding the eggs!

Phil hiding eggs, INCREDIBLY too high!! Obviously his 1st time ;}

Pop and the grand kids on Eater 2010.

Mommy and B at the park looking at Easter eggs!

John-Mark lovin' on his sissy.

Popo and JM before their baseball game

B and Aunt Sarah

JM getting out the rackets for the Bad mitten games.

B showing off her "Easter ball" from Momo at the park.

John-Mark, Haley, and Bailee outside Bear Creek Baptist

On the way to church Saturday night

Easter 2010.

My worm and Lucy all dressed up and ready to go to church!

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