Monday, July 19, 2010

Before I'm 30..

Reading through blogs the other day, I stumbled upon a "before I turn 30" bucket list of sorts. I thought it was a great idea to get the things you want to do/have done/ see etc. out on paper for one, if your like me so you won't forget- and two to post it on your blog and make it seem more "real" or important to follow through. So in short, I have started working on my mini-bucket list, and it goes a little something like this...

-Take my kids tent camping for 4th of July
-Make close to, if not at least 10k more than I do now
-Run a half marathon
-Work out regularly at least three times a week
-Go to college/trade-school/work-program to further my education
-Buy a Cannon camera
-Take a romantic vacation on a beautiful beach
-Take my kids to CA to visit my long lost family- FINALLY
-Buy a new car- probably not new,new, but new to me ;-)
-Get B into dance lessons
-Take at least 2 different dance classes- like hip-hop and jazz.
-Travel to Europe- preferably London, Spain, Italy, Germany and France
-Buy a home
-Rent a boat and cruse around the lake tubing, water skiing and enjoying time with the kids
-Go to NOLA with an amazing group of friends
-Explore its entirety
-Visit Misty Mac and her ever expanding brood of testosterone fueled boys
-Feel like I am in my career, v.s at my job
-Buy myself the Michael Kors gold watch I've been taunting myself with
-Spend as much time with Owen as K&T will possibly let me
-Take TONS of family pi cutes- formal and silly
-Lose weight, tone up and feel sexy in a bikini
-Take B on once a month "mommy and me" tea dates consisting of tea, lunch, mani;s, pedi's and gossip
-Finally have my braces off and all dental surgeries in my past!!!
-Meet new people, enjoy old friends and learn new things
-Take a family cruise!!!
-Take a mommy and P Cruise! ;-)
-Put more money into my 401k
-Put JM in Soccer and B in Dance ASAP and for as longs as THEY want- not me!
-Have a holiday where my ENTIRE family comes and not just one or the other.

For now,that is all I have...well, that I can think of at the moment. So, what's on your bucket list?