Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raising the future...

I bumped* into a blast from the past yesterday, and upon chatting it up and discussing the MANY years it's been since we last spoke, he happened to say something that kind of made me giggle a little... "s0, what else is going on with you...besides raising the future".

I mean really, have you ever thought about it that way? I know daily I struggle to make sure I'm raising my children to be polite, respectful, well mannered children but I never stop to think the impact my raising now will have on their future. To be honest with the way things go around my house (AKA 10000 miles per hr) I hardly have time to stop and daydream about what the days will be like when the kids are full grown! I try to be the best Mom I can be, everyday so that when the day comes SEVERAL SEVERAL S E V E R A L years from now that my children are raising children of their own, they feel like they have learned all the good stuff from me!

It's bizarre to imagine but even the smallest things today can shape and mold their young minds and ultimately design their future. That one small trip to the space center could send my son on a path of aeronautical engineering, or a pony ride for B's birthday can make her want to be a vet or trainer or just someone who enjoys a game of polo now and again! lol you never know, strange...huh? It really makes you think about the day to day- the hustle and bustle of life and how you handle things.

Which got me thinking even more- I know how young I was when I had JM, but I look at friends of mine today, or on TV that just could not even handle a baby NOW let alone five years ago!! People have always said that having a baby makes you grown up, but it doesn't- you have to be the one to make the self conscious effort to want to grow up and be a good parent to your child! I see so many young moms and dads that really are just not 'right for the job' in so many ways! Living with your parents still and depending on them to raise your now, what six year old child is absurd!?! Working at the 7/11 because its easy even though you know you don't make enough money to take care of your child, is NOT being a good parent. When I think about being a mom, for me it was such a bitter sweet thing. Yes, I missed out on things like Prom, and being a freshman in College, and late night parties at frat houses, but I gained three amazing beautiful children, a respect for myself that I wouldn't of got living day to day pay check to pay check just to have money for beer, and the opportunity to raise our future! :D I feel so lucky, and so blessed that I took the selfless road and decided to be a Mom, and not just have the title.

You have to be willing to give it all, and then 10% above and beyond that! If there were anything today I could instill in my children it would be this- a great work ethic, a true and pure love for God, and a open, helping heart. I want my children to BE the future, not just part of it! I want them to make their mark, and leave behind memories and legacies they can be proud of- that I an be proud of knowing I had a hand in creating that future! I know my kids are only three and five, but every day that passes they grown and learn and progress into their ever expanding futures- so, you can never be too ready!

My advice for any new parent, or mommy of the future is to be selfless- give your all + your 10% extra, take a leap of faith and struggle when you have to! Instill great values and morals in our youth to ensure that we all, they all have the future they deserve!

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