Monday, July 19, 2010

Our FIRST family vacay

I've been blogger lazy lately, but work has consumed my life to the point where I find myself dreaming about Olmstead Kirk and Clampitt paper...gross!

Anyways, back to topic! A few weekends ago, P and I took the kids on what would be our very first, new family vacay. It went rather smooth, (Despite JM throwing up all over the couch cushion of our friends beach house)and we had a boat load of fun! Jeff and Ashley are really great friends of ours, and have two beautiful kids close to the same age as ours. It works out perfectly, and the kids all love each other and their mrs.Ashley!! :)
JM and B loved splashing around in the water, sticking close to shore and finding about 12 dozen sea shells for Phillip to inspect for "Sea babies" and decide if we should keep them for show! We ran, played, swam and fished! JM even reeled in his first catch ever and boy was he excited! We took the kids to Golden Coral to eat lunch, which was actually my first time ever going. Im not usually a fan of buffets, but this a perfect choice on P's part- the kids had a blast picking for the 7 different styles of food they offered and then loading up on the huge ice cream bar once we were done! The weekend ended with a sunday-funday with my parents, swimming and bbq'n at home and getting settled into the new apartment- which we, by the way L-O-V-E.

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